ePath Learning Testimonial Letter


Dear Jonathan,

As a fellow entrepreneur and sales professional, I thought I would share some feedback with you.

It has been nine months since you conducted the sales training for our team here at ePath Learning. Since then our sales are up over 60% vs. the same time period last year and the average size of the sale has more than doubled.

There are two elements that are required for any successful human relationship; trust and confidence. Working with our sales team you brought to light that every sale is a human sale. My favorite statement of yours was at the very beginning of training when you emphatically declared to a sales force in disbelief; "no one wants to buy your product". This is true. If people wanted to buy it, an order taker at the end of an 800 number could field the calls. Selling is called a profession for a reason. Identify and solve a problem and the world will be yours.

While we have known each other for the better part of our respective careers, I did want to take a brief moment and thank you for the impact that you have had on my team and ultimately our customers. Everyday presents many new opportunities for those willing to look.

With Care and Appreciation,


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