David vs. Goliath - Selling Against Larger Companies

Most industries have their giants, and they are becoming bigger and more formidable every day. Many,  if not most, buyers are feeling less secure buying from anyone else because of concerns of financial viability, compatibility, longevity and support. If it wasn’t bad enough, companies are getting bombarded with salespeople and not having a “big name” behind you makes it even more difficult to compete.
Some of the variables that come into play in David vs. Goliath selling are:
  • Understanding your unique attributes and sweet spot
  • Feeling comfortable selling the value of your solution
  • Filling your funnel
  • Selling to higher levels
  • Getting to the people in the agency that are more strategic
  • Significantly differentiating your offer to create interest
  • Understanding the technical and financial requirements of your prospects
  • Customizing your proposals and demonstrations to create a compelling reason to buy your product or service
  • Partnering with others to gain access or offset people’s concerns
  • Knowing when to engage and when to walk away
  • Developing effective strategies
  • Showing depth and size

IPG's program teaches your sales team how to address and integrate these, and other variables into your daily activities so they win more business.

Class Curriculum:

  • Identifying Your SweetSpot and Unique Value Proposition
  • Everything You Do Has To Be Better
  • Gaining Access and Filling the Funnel
  • Getting the Executive Risk Taker
  • DiSC and Adjusting Your Selling Style
  • S.PRI.N.G. (Situation, Priorities, Needs & Gains) Dialogue and Understanding Your Prospects Requirements
  • Taking Control of the Sales Process using TE3M
  • Choosing the Winning Strategy
  • Showing Your Team Early and Often
  • Getting Executives Involved
  • Presenting Your Solution in Person or Over the Web
  • Anticipating and Handling Objections
  • Negotiating and Closing
If you need a solution to a unique sales challenge, pick Jonathan’s brain. Our founder, Jonathan London, will answer your query promptly.