Research & Gap Analysis

The first step is to fully understand your environment. In order to do so, we interview key people within your organization as well as go out on customer calls with your people to see what's working well and what needs to improve. This first-hand experience allows us to understand your customers' mindset and what they're looking for from your organization. We strive to integrate our process into the SFA you are using as well as understand any major marketing initiatives and competitive differentiators that need to be integrated into your program. We also experience what your people are doing well and where they need to improve.

After this research is completed, we summarize the information we've gathered and provide a report that highlights our findings, observations, and recommendations for your sales training or management training program. Upon your approval, we apply our research and "clientize" program modules needed to meet your goals and objectives.

Finally, we begin to get management's commitment to reinforcing, developing and measuring the program.

Research & Gap Analysis Includes:

  • Interviews
  • Listen to people on phone
  • Research internal documents
  • Understand direction, differentiators, key messaging
  • Understand key objectives and measurements for success
  • Begin to get management buy-in

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