Clientize™ Your Program

1. Research and Gap Analysis

The first step is to fully understand your environment. In order to do so, we interview key people within your organization as well as go out on customer calls with your people to see what's working well and what needs to improve. This first-hand experience allows us to understand your customers' mindset and what they're looking for from your organization. We strive to integrate our process into the SFA you are using as well as understand any major marketing initiatives and competitive differentiators that need to be integrated into your program. We also experience what your people are doing well and where they need to improve.

After this research is completed, we summarize the information we've gathered and provide a report that highlights our findings, observations, and recommendations for your sales training or management training program. Upon your approval, we apply our research and "clientize" program modules needed to meet your goals and objectives.

Finally, we begin to get management's commitment to reinforcing, developing and measuring the program.

2. Program Development

We begin to create the program with review and feedback from you to make sure we are on track. The programs we create will be appropriate for the audience by applying the skills we want them to execute according to their specific job. We often do "trial runs" to make final changes before we roll it out to the larger audience. Decisions on which components are delivered live or via technology are made in this stage.

3. Delivery

Notably successful sales, management, and service professionals, with in-depth knowledge and background in your industry will deliver the program. This builds credibility and buy-in, which are essential to a successful program. It also deepens the learning by sharing anecdotal examples to emphasize a certain point or answer specific account questions from the participants. Additional resources to insure that people get the individual attention needed will match the number of attendees.

4. Reinforcement and Measurement

We will work with your management team on the most effective ways to coach, counsel, measure, and develop the program. We will also support all formats of your current forms and databases to ensure that the key measurements and elements are in these tools, and that qualitative and quantitative aspects of your program are being addressed. Technologies such as the Internet and audio or video conferencing will be used to increase the frequency of follow up and reduce costs. If possible, we will integrate into your SFA. We also provide unlimited e-mail support.

5. Continuous Improvement

As your needs evolve, so do your sales training or management training programs. We will work with you to constantly adapt the program to meet your changing environment, and/or most pressing needs. We can also add to the initial programs with additional modules or elements. Technology will be used in a similar manner as described above.