ServerBeach Testimonial Letter

sb6 23 2011 5 25 27 PM


I wanted to take some time to thank you for taking the extra time with me and for really analyzing my pitch. I love the way your system breaks it all down into a science.  A sales person of any skill set or in any industry can substantially benefit from understanding the process and positioning.

I think the biggest thing for me was some of the strategic questions, and planting seeds was also “key” for me being successful with this.

Understanding SPRING and how to position yourself in a call makes a world of a difference!

If I had to give advice to anyone, I would tell them not to assume that you have it all figured out. I have been one of the top sales guys in any industry I have been in since I was 17. I am 40 now and this program really works. Most of the seasoned and successful sales people will probably think to themselves, “ my process works fine and I have this down to a science already”.  Although I have been successful for many years in sales, understanding where to be in a call is paramount! The good sales people do this instinctively, but it is all chopped up and hardly ever contains uniformity.

That is exactly what this program does, it makes sure you go in with confidence and “chest out and chin up” on every call with the same plan!

Thank again Jonathan, I really appreciate the attention, and your assiduity to my training and success!


Roger Gonzales
Solutions Consultant
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