Review the client comments below then read testimonial letters about our client successes.


"Thank you for leading such a successful sales training in Houston. It was some of the best training that I've ever participated in, and it was absolutely worth the investment of time and money."

networkMCI, VP of Sales

"Your organization's ability to apply the program in a real, detailed and motivational way is rare indeed. This experience was well worth the investment, and it will be a major contributor to our success. After only one month, we are already seeing the benefits from your work with us."

QMS, Chief Operating Officer

"This has been the most insightful class I've taken on not only increasing sales, but learning more about how I can run my business better."

Panasonic, Corporate Sales Manager

"The most organized and best program at covering what you need to know to make you dangerous."

VTEL Corporation, Regional Manager

"One of the very best. You packed more relevant information into 2 1/2 days than several other classes I've taken combined."

AT+T, Sales Representative

"Your customized approach to selling our products was the highlight of our nine city tour. As Oliver said, "Please sir, more."

PictureTel, Director of Sales

"It was excellent, and this comes from someone with training from two organizations recognized for their training excellence: IBM and Xerox."

SNET, Sales Manager

"Specifically, your Selling Strategically program and supporting skills modules gave us a structure, discipline and approach to working and strategizing deals we never had before. In addition, your follow up and support with the individual teams, including our Business Consultants gave our people a cohesiveness that was necessary."

Lawson Software, VP Sales

"My team ranks our three-day training investment in the top-most echelon of all our combined training experiences. I would highly recommend this course for all managers concerned with motivating their employees to achieve an organization's goals, while feeling part of a winning team.

TCG, Director of Sales

"Thank you so much for your time and energy over the past few weeks as you took Exponential/Tribal Fusion through your R.E.A.L. Selling course. I particularly enjoyed practicing S.PRI.N.G. dialogue and learning about DiSC. Additionally, your objection handling techniques will be of value in the future."

Tribal Fusion, Assistant Sales Executive


"I just wanted to thank you for the training today.  I found it incredibly helpful and look forward to putting it to use!  Enjoy your time in Italy! Ho studiato in Italia per 4 mesi - bellisima!"

Shopatron, Sales Executive


There are moments in life where we meet people that change the foundation of who we are, where we are going, and what we will achieve.  Meeting you and learning from your curriculum last week was one of those moments for me.  Thank you so much for being willing to share your experience for the greater good.  We all appreciate it.

AudienceScience, Strategist - Enterprise Solutions