Channel Management

Strong channel partnerships help manufacturers expand market share, grow reseller sales champions, control selling expenses, and increase productivity for both the sales department and the overall organization.

This program provides a step-by-step process to develop high-performing channel partnerships. It will allow your channel managers to focus on the most strategic opportunities within your channels to drive revenue.

Topics Covered

1. Developing Your Channels – 4 Stages of Development

  • Dependent
  • Intermediate
  • Independent
  • Self-Reliant

2. Managing Your Territory With and Through Your Channels

  • Defining Your Territory - Matching Your Channels
  • Ranking Your Customers and Prospects
  • Working Your Sales Funnel with Your Channels
  • Analyzing Each Sales Opportunity Quickly
  • Lead Distribution
  • Time and Territory Management Checklist

3. Finding New Channels
  • Filling Holes in Your Territory
  • Defining Your Ideal Candidate
  • Getting to The Right People
  • Qualifying the Partner Early
  • Avoiding as Much Conflict as Possible

4. Channel Expectations
  • Channel Facts – Channel Trends
  • Why Partner?
  • What Do Your Channels Expect from You?
  • What Do You Expect from Them?
  • How do They View You?
  • How do They View Them?
  • How Must We View Each Other?

5. Increasing Mindshare with Your Channels
  • Techniques To Improve Mindshare
  • Why Is Mindshare So Important?
  • Relationships -  4 Stages

6. 80/20 Rule and How It Applies
  • Focus on Your Top Opportunities
  • Managing the 20% Gracefully

7. Evaluating Your Relationships - Are They Strong Enough?
  • 9 Criteria to Evaluate Your Relationships’ Strength

8. Guidelines to Success
  • 30 Rules
9. Working With Your Channels to Increase Revenues
  • Supplementing Your Channel’s Strengths and Weaknesses to Drive Business
  • Strategizing Big Deals
  • On a Joint Sales Call – Critical Success Factors

10. Increasing Your Channels’ Competency
  • Techniques to Improve Their Competency to the Same Level as Your Own People
  • Training Techniques
  • Effective Meetings
  • Using Technology, Web 2.0 and more

11. Replicating Channel Success
  • Defining Attributes of Best Partners
  • Implementing with Current Partners

12. Getting Your Channels Excited and Motivated
  • What to Do At Sales Meeting with Your Channels
  • Sales Teaming
  • Developing Joint Strategic Business Planning
  • Using Incentives, Co-Op, MDF, Contests and More

13. Quarterly, Strategy and Planning Meetings
  • Agenda
  • Working/Not Working
  • Key Initiatives
  • Lead Generation
  • Target Accounts
  • Forecasting
  • Working Large Deals

14. The Surrogate Sales Manager
  • Acting as a Manager to Your Channels to Improve Their Competency and Improve Relationships

15.Conflict Scenarios – Role Play
  • Public Bid
  • National Account
  • When Partners Meet in the Same Opportunity
  • Channel Manager Role in Conflict
  • Account Manager Role in Conflict
  • Working with Multiple Partners in the Same Sales Situation


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"Your organization's ability to apply the program in a real, detailed and motivational way is rare indeed. This experience was well worth the investment, and it will be a major contributor to our success. After only one month, we are already seeing the benefits from your work with us."

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