Akamai Testimonial Letter


Dear Jonathan,

As an individual who has been responsible for the development of sales organizations at Apple Computer, Compaq and now Akamai, I feel confident in saying that our work with the Improved Performance Group ranks with the very best I have ever been involved in. The three-day sales training seminars you delivered to our very demanding national sales force were extremely well received. Beyond the training events, you were able to provide a repeatable methodology as well as integrated selling tools that continue to reinforce the skills learned during the seminars.

The environment you faced at Akamai was challenging and constantly changing. Your organizations's ability to flex with Akamai as our needs and goals adjusted was a critical element of the program's success. The integration, or "clientization"of your program to our 8 step sales process and unique selling challenges made the program truly our own and contributed to its universal acceptance during the nationwide rollout. Finally, the ability to integrate R.E.A.L.™ Selling into our Siebel system makes it sustainable and measurable by senior management.

Over 90% of our senior sales team said the program you provided was "better than" or "the best they have ever experienced". I would be glad to recommend IPG to any organization that wants to see immediate improvements in all aspects of sales performance.

Please feel free to share this letter or have prospective clients call me.

Sincerely,Doug Draper


Manager, Sales Training
Akamai Technologies

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